Key Facts

Student enrolments

In 2013 Western Institute had 36,823 student enrolments who undertook 6,004,896 hours of training (Annual Student Hours). 


Profile of Students

In 2013 the profile of TAFE Western students included that:

  • there were 6,959 Aboriginal student enrolments. Enrolments by Aboriginal students accounted for 18.9% of the Institute's student population, 29.19% of whom undertook training at Certificate III or above.
  • just over half the students (19,818) were male. 
  • 2,576 students indicated that they were from a non-English Speaking Background.
  • 3,836 students indicated that they had a disability.


Overall, TAFE Western's Unit Completion Rate in 2013 was 77.6%.   18,169, or 49.34%, of TAFE Western's students completed the course they were enrolled in.

Student Satisfaction

During 2010 some 2900 students were surveyed via the Internet or by traditional means. The survey consisted of 35 statements that students were requested to Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree or Strongly Disagree with. In most cases the level of positive response from students - those Agreeing or Strongly Agreeing - was over or around 90%.

Read more about TAFE Western's Student Satisfaction Survey.

Employer Satisfaction

In 2010 employers were invited to respond to a question to indicate their level of satisfaction with the service delivered by TAFE Western.  The survey asked questions in relation to seven theme areas.  90% of responses to questions were in the Agree and Strongly Agree categories.

Read more about TAFE Western's Employer Satisfaction Survey.


TAFE Western is proud to have received the following awards:   

  • NSW Premier's Award in the Revitalising Regional NSW in 2013 for the TAFE Western Connect Initiative
  • Institute Innovation Award at the 2013 Gili Awards
  • Quality Project of the Year at the TAFE NSW Excellence and Innovation Awards in 2012 for the TAFE Western Connect Initiative
  • Institute Award at the 2012 NSW Gili Awards
  • Finalist, Large Training Provider of the Year in the 2011 NSW Training Awards
  • Institute Award at the 2011 NSW Gili Awards
  • Project of the Year at the TAFE NSW Quality Awards in 2010 for the Aboriginal Health Worker training program
  • Institute Award at the 2008 NSW Gili Awards
  • Institute Award at the 2007 NSW Gili Awards
  • Large Training Provider of the Year in the 2007 Australian Training Awards
  • Large Training Provider of the Year in the 2007 NSW Training Awards
  • Large Training Provider of the Year in the 2006 NSW Training Awards

Read more about awards to TAFE Western and its staff and students.

Qualifications Approved

TAFE Western is approved to deliver around 500 Nationally Recognised Qualifications and 69 State accredited courses.  Of these 401 qualifications are at Certificate III or higher and 103 are at Diploma or Advanced Diploma level. 

TAFE Western specialises in offering the courses most need by the industries, communities and individuals in western NSW.  For more details about the range of courses on offer visit course information.

Financial Statements

TAFE Western is an Australian Registered Training Organisation and member of the TAFE NSW network of Institutes. TAFE NSW has the financial stability and support of the New South Wales Government and is a statutory authority established under State legislation.

More information about TAFE Western's financial activity is published in its Annual Reports.

More Information

More information is available in TAFE Western's Annual Reports