Tourism, Travel and Hospitality

When you train for the tourism and hospitality industry you create a portable career that offers experiences not only in Australia but overseas. You will have the opportunity to meet and work with interesting people, learn invaluable and transportable skills, and experience first hand both Australian and other cultures.

Things you need to know

Commercial Cookery

Explore Commercial Cookery

Customer Service

Explore Customer Service

Food Handling/Nutrition

Explore Food Handling/Nutrition


Explore Hospitality

Hospitality (Customer Service)

Explore Hospitality (Customer Service)


Explore Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe

Management - Business

Explore Management - Business

Meat Retailing

Explore Meat Retailing


Explore RSA/RCG/Coffee

Tourism & Events

Explore Tourism & Events


Course fees may vary. Some courses qualify for government subsidy with an applicable TAFE fee. Other courses are offered on commercial basis