Building, construction and architecture

People will always need homes and businesses will always need offices.  Along with shops, restaurants, schools, and hospitals the list is huge and somebody has to build, plumb, maintain and renovate them.

Whether you work in the domestic or corporate sector, building and construction are a sought after set of skills that are transportable both across Australia and internationally.

Things you need to know


Explore Bricklaying

Building & Construction

Explore Building & Construction

Civil Construction

Explore Civil Construction


Explore Cleaning

Computer Aided Drafting

Explore Computer Aided Drafting


Explore Electrical

Lining - Wall and Ceiling

Explore Lining - Wall and Ceiling

Occupational Health & Safety - Building

Explore Occupational Health & Safety - Building

Occupational Health & Safety - Workplace Related

Explore Occupational Health & Safety - Workplace Related

Painting & Decorating

Explore Painting & Decorating


Explore Plumbing


Explore Shopfitting


Explore Signwriting

Tiling - Wall & Floor

Explore Tiling - Wall & Floor


Explore Transport


Course fees may vary. Some courses qualify for government subsidy with an applicable TAFE fee. Other courses are offered on commercial basis.